There is no doubt that we, the people of the most diverse land on this planet - India, are in the midst of a severe climate and ecological crisis. In spite of losing thousands of lives each year to events that can be explicitly linked to man-made natural disasters, our country and a large number of us citizens refuse to acknowledge that we are in a crisis.

In the light of this dangerous state of disorientation in the country, we, the humans of Extinction Rebellion India, have decided to take it upon ourselves to deliver the first demand -

Tell The Truth by Declaring a Climate and Ecological Crisis

While environmentalists around the world take to the streets in the Rebellion without Borders starting 7 October, engaging in disruptive direct action, we propose engaging in a Die-In - a tool of direct action that is artistic , impactful as well as disruptive enough to catch the attention of passersby, without danger of repression or arrest.

On 6 October, not only do we the Citizens Declare Climate and Ecological Crisis, but also stand in solidarity with environmentalists engaging in civil disobedience in 80+ other countries, and making sacrifices for our collective future.

This will be covered by media networks as we are working with Fridays For Future and other Organisations who have pioneered the fight for Aarey, Coastal Road, Koli Women, Mumbai Parks, Mahul Community, Tribals from the 27 Padas.

The 6th is meant to be a nationally coordinated action, in solidarity with the children and students from Fridays for Future led Global Strike calling for "Requesting for Declaration of climate crisis from PM CM and MAYOR", who demand that attention be paid to the climate and ecological crisis, and attempts to receive national media, governmental and people’s attention.

We appeal to YOU, the citizens, to engage in the 6th October coordinated action. Between 7 -13 October, all collectives are encouraged to engage in other awareness raising activities and artistic demonstrations to draw more attention to the crisis, involve more people organisationally, and mobilise people for future direct action. So how do we make 6 October happen? It is meant to be a very low threshold action that anyone in any part of the country can easily participate in. Beyond this, every collective is encouraged to make the event as artistic and impactful as possible on their own terms.

xr India Diein

xr India cities at 6th